Tallinn Design Festival has plenty of variety when it comes to exhibitions: examples of Mediterranean industrial design, university theses from here and abroad, graphic design, reflections on post-industrialism and experiments with innovative materials. Let's take a closer look at the exhibitions.

"CREATED IN ITALY. The attitude for the impossible"

The exhibition brings together numerous individual stories, in an attempt to outline the quality and characteristics of Italy’s multifarious production. Conspicuous among these national features are a stubborn search for perfection and a renowned spirit of invention, a constant urge to experiment and to force the limits of materials.

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Arts Thread's Global Design Graduate Show 2022 in collaboration with Gucci

Meet graduate projects on the festival’s theme “DESIGN 4.0. AI: Industrial (un)employment?”, drawing on the shortlisted works from Arts Thread's Global Design Graduate Show 2022 in collaboration with Gucci.

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New materials design exhibition "MATERIAL II"

The exhibition, a collaboration between the Estonian Association of Designers (EAD) and the Estonian Academy of Arts (EAA), brings together innovative materials and technologies developed by researchers, companies and designers, and reveals how the meaning of resources and material creation is changing in the environmental crisis.

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Estonian Design and Architecture Schools' Showcase

The display of design and architecture schools, which has become one of the integral parts of the Tallinn Design Festival, is increasingly important in a rapidly changing world, because aren't educational and research institutions the places where the play between experimentation and tradition "saves the day"? In the shade of various global crises, there is an increasing need for the light of youthful and clever design.

Displayed are the works of Estonian Academy of Arts, Pallas University of Applied Sciences, Tallinn University Haapsalu College, University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy and Estonian University of Life Sciences.

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International Graphic Design Exhibition "Hopeful"

This year's theme is related to the political, economic and ecological situation of the world. We have not yet lost hope in positivity and the ability to organize our own activities. The collection includes both students and old masters.

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Post-industrial art group exhibition "unknown error"

"unknown error" is a group exhibition of post-industrial art, in which artists, designers and philosophers with different handwritings create the context.

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