Are you fond of

• Organising exhibitions, installations, workshops or product presentations?

• Opening your design or architectural bureau to public?

• Organizing something innovative and exciting?

If YES, come and join the festival as a satellite!

We will promote the satellites of Tallinn Design Festival as follows:
• Photo + text in the programme at the homepage
• Photo + text in the catalogue (print-run of 3,000)
• General overview of the satellites in the newsletter (will be delivered to our cooperation partners, press and people in our database) and FB
• At least one photo per satellite in FB
• One photo per satellite in Instagram with agreed hashtags at the festival week
• Every satellite will receive Tallinn Design Festival marking (for example a window sticker*, balloon, poster, etc.) to meet the eye of the visitors

*most of the satellites will leave the sticker at the window for several years to catch the eye of the people interested in design.

Apply HERE

Please e-mail the printable photo or photos (300 dpi) to

We prefer the photographic material (please do not send logos or graphic images based on text and avoid square format).

Participation fee:

Early bird 250€ until 15.07.2018

300€ - 16.07-21.07.2018

400€ - 22.07-01.08.2018

Additional information: