XIX Tallinn Design Festival

Jaga üritust

MOOD - Estonian fashion lands in Helsinki

Tue 05.09.2023 at 12–19

@ Hotel AX, Välimerenkatu 18, 00220 Helsinki

For free!

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As an official pre-event of the Tallinn Design Festival, a presentation of contemporary Estonian fashion in Finland will take place on September 5 at the AX design hotel in Helsinki.

The most known Estonian fashion designers like Reet Aus, Eve Hanson, Hertta, Kairi Lentsius, Stella Soomlais, Sigrid Kuusk, Karl Joonas Alamaa and Vilve Unt will be featured.

Our host is a well-known Finnish fashion person and reporter Sami Sykkö. Tervetuloa!

Provisional agenda

12–15 media event (possibilities for interviews!)
15–18 public session, possibilities to meet and greet designers
18–... Estonian fashion get together: If you want, wear some Estonian fashion, come and catch the best tips for the Tallinn Design Festival!