XIX Tallinn Design Festival

Jaga üritust


Wed at 18:00 doors
Wed at 19:00 start

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It's not just a fashion show, it's a spectacle!

During the performance dedicated to clothing design, exciting designers from Estonia will present their creations to the audience.

They raise questions that haven’t come to our mind to ask yet.

They find solutions that we didn't know to look for yet.

They're building a business with tools we haven't been able to use.

They face countless challenges, and still find ways to increase production capacity.

All creative proposals of designers are not yet final solutions, but a process. They are searches to find alternatives to existing problems, but using new tools.

These are suggestions to supplement what needs to be supplemented.

These are efforts to preserve what deserves to be preserved, improved and bequeathed.

Clothing is from one side a functional agent and from another side a personal complement for the whole. Design clothing is an object that complements condition, creates value, and fits with the environment regardless if there is a busy day or consistent celebration. Clothing is a playful tool to bring out the personality and thereby a great companion for vital moments. Design clothing is something that lasts, is worth repairing and devising. 

Design clothing is made looking for the best innovations in technology, production process, and striving for quality in every detail.

Clothing to stand for beauty and that is made for living.

The concept of brands unfolds through a one-time location-specific experience, an inspiring event and an entertaining spectacle - this is DOM.

After the show brands will return among the audience.

Creative director: Piret Mägi

Co-organizer: Kristin Kivimäe

Back-stage coordinator: Anne Rinne

Staging: Anni Zupping

Lighting artist: Karolin Tamm

Sound artist: Sten Saarits

Visual artist: Maria Elisaveta Roosalu

Videos: Getter Raiend

Hair by KEVIN.MURPHY, make-up by Karaja.

Welcome drinks by HAAGE & Mionetto.


Liisa Kanemägi


The experimental knitwear designer Liisa Kanemägi questions through her speculative approach about the role material objects have in our value system. She's looking for ways of keeping them on an ongoing journey to extend their lifespan. Materials are often quietly in constant motion, waiting for their chance to run amok. Perhaps we should allow them more of that opportunity, listen to them more?

Her knits don't aim to provide ready-made solutions to this question; instead, they encourage us to ponder concepts like "ready," "broken," "dirty," and "ideal," seeking not to take them for granted. As a tool, the author employs sweat, unravelling, and water-soluble materials to make time and perishability, along with the human body a part of the garment. If a sweater doesn't have a “ready” or “perfect” state, then it doesn't have a 'broken' state either. Intuitive design is being taken to a new level when dynamism of living is in charge. This way, the silhouettes of the knits are not based on classical or common ideals of body proportions; instead, they encourage us to become friends with the materiality of our own bodies.

Her knits don't aim to provide ready-made solutions; instead, they encourage us to ponder concepts like "ready", "broken", "dirty", "ideal". As a tool, the author employs sweat, unravelling, and water-soluble materials to make time and perishability, along with the human body a part of the garment. In this intuitive design the dynamism of living is in charge.

Styling Kirke Talu.

Thank you TOKU, Mare Kelpman!




The brand Ewald, established by the family company Maidiga, is focused on designing and developing production of men's shirts. In their own sewing workshop, the whole team believes in domesticity and proves the ability of flexible effective production every day.

Ewald's specialty is a combination that is hard to match: the company's more than 30 years of experience, long-term professional employees, machinery and technologies specifically needed for sewing ironed shirts, and of course the in-house design portfolio. This is how the highest quality is maintained.

Ewald's shirt unites Nordic quality, good taste and the spirit of Estonia.

Thank you Reet Aus, Craftory, Piret Mägi, Kirke Tatar!




iLLIMOR - converging exceptional style and sustainable mindset

iLLIMOR™ is on a mission to establish a harmony between comfortable design, environmental consciousness, and social responsibility. Established in 2020 in the wilds of Zanzibar, the brand emerged from a dream to upvalue fashion industry leftovers to a quality wear that defies age and gender constraints. iLLIMOR designs not only enhance your style, but also emphasise the significance of making thoughtful material choices. It's all about being mindful of what's around us. Here we can spot another path of a start-up KIUD unfolding. But this is already another story.

Shoes TOKU, accessories Kirss.

Thank you Carmen Kirst, Silver Gutmann, Karl-Cristoph Rebane!




The network of roots knitted through four generations of the Woolish brand will now be unravelled for a younger and bolder generation. Staying true to sustainable practices and ethical values, long-lasting clothes are created that seem to radiate style that simply demands positive attention.

Woolish believes that merino wool clothes are suitable for every season. And this message is already worth sharing with the whole world! Together with partners in Germany and the Netherlands, they are trying to bring the attention of the public eye to this wonderful yarn through the collection series of "Happy Sheep-Collector Edition" and with pineapple and flamingo motifs.

The Woolish story began in 1928 with the first generation of the family venturing into knitwear. The same exciting journey fascinates already the fourth generation of the family, who are owners of Woolish today - Eigo and Anna - carry the brand forward. The young couple revitalised Woolish by implementing bold ideas into Viljandi's knitting industry.

Within a couple of years the realisation hit home that basic standard is not their style to conquer the world with. Into the brand was injected the sparkling energy in combination of personal touch that was growing inside them. Recent years saw Woolish bathing in juicy pineapple and flamingo patterns, along with a happy sheep collector sweaters. The future is getting brighter and brighter!

We kindly invite you along to explore this captivating journey intertwined with the dreams of the future of a small yet so mighty brand Woolish. Let’s meet at the stage of DOM, surrounded by our own people.

Thank you Maris Pihlap, all the models, Woolishi community, sheep, DOM team!


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