XII Tallinn Design Festival 25.09-1.10.2017


About Festival

XI Tallinn Design Festival / XI Tallinna Disainiöö Festival

"Redefining Design" 12.-18.09.2016

This autumn, the renowned Estonian design festival will be held again, creating various meeting places for design lovers in different culture-friendly locations around Tallinn. The XI Tallinn Design Festival is coming. The entire city will be involved; everyone can participate as long as they have a spirit of experimentation and curiosity. During the festival, you can visit high-level exhibitions presenting design, showrooms, galleries, and exhibits by professionals and design schools. There will be an international seminar, Redefining Design, with talks by innovative design experts who give new meaning to the concept of design. The traditional programme of the festival includes the PechaKucha night, auction, workshops for grown-ups and kids, flash talks, film and fashion performances. The festival will culminate in the ceremony for the BRUNO design awards: the gala for the Estonian Design Awards will be held on 16 September. You can visit the nominee exhibition at the Viru Keskus shopping centre. Foreign exhibitions will include exhibits from Austria, Portugal, Finland, Korea, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, and a special focus on design in the Baltic Sea region. Renowned foreign guests bring design news from elsewhere in the world, and evaluate local design. Design excursions will be organised for the guests, and social activities will also be taken care of.

The annual design festival in Tallinn will concentrate its most important events between 15 – 18 September. The main venues of the XI Tallinn Design Night Festival are: Creative Hub (Kultuurikatel), Helios cinema and Gallery of Architecture and Design. There will be satellite locations all over the city. Lux Matrix light installations will be featured throughout the city.


Most of the events are free of charge, though some have a ticket. Tickets  available through Estonian Design House e-shop.


The phone number for Design Night info is (+372)6000060.


Estonian Association of Designers


Kalasadama 8

Tallinn 10145



NGO DisainiÖÖ


Kalasadama 8

Tallinn 10145


Main organiser

Ilona Gurjanova


+372 5557 3687


Technical support

Andre Poopuu


+372 503 9696

Liisi-Daisy Koplimaa


+372 504 6609


Karin Paulus


+372 5648 6961


Fashion Design Shows

Piret Mägi


+372 5597 7444

Head of projects @ Creative Hub (Kultuurikatel)

Kristin Kivimäe
+372 58 132 313

Head of projects @ movie theatre Helios

Madlen Hirtentreu


+372 53 437 070

Head of design

Helena Koop

+372 50 61 472


Indrek Leht


+372 56 13 5536


Voluntary work

Kirke Tatar


+372 5559 0787

Photography, animation & film

Mari-Liis Heinsaar


+372 53 750 301

Fund-raising Design Auction


Tõnis Vellama


+372 50 17648

Maarja Marga
+ 372 524 2457

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P U B L I C  T R A N S P O R T

Tallinn Creative Hub:
Bus no 3, "Linnahall" stop
Tram no 1, "Linnahall" stop

B I K E  R E N T A L


Design Night festival is held for the 11th time. It is possible to make a tour in the archive and see the pictures of the previous festivals. Take a look also of the videos of last three years.





Catalogues are available a week before the festival at Estonian Design House gallery (Kalasadama street 8).

During the Design Night catalogues are available at festival information stands:

Tallinn Culture Hub (Põhja pst 27a)
Movie theatre Helios (Sauna street 7)

Good to know

W E A T H E R & C L O T H I N G

The weather in Estonia during Design Night festival is usually a bit demanding, so take along your raincoat and scarf. To get the full experience of the festival you need to walk around the city from one location to another, whereas some of the spots are alternative (read: do not have heating), so don’t let the cold ruin your long weekend and provide yourself with something warm. You can check the current weather in Tallinn here.

P A Y M E N T S & C U R R E N C Y

The official currency in Estonia is EURO. Changing money is easy – there are many ATM-s to withdraw the money as well as banks, hotels and bureaux de change that offer currency exchange services.

Credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard/Eurocard etc. are accepted in most of the major hotels, restaurants and shops. Use of American Express is not as common.

F I R S T  A I D & P H A R M A C Y

Emergency number: 112
Police: 110

There is a 24-hour pharmacy located in Tõnismäe 5 and a pharmacy in the city center located in Gonsiori 2.

W H A T  T O  S E E  A N D  D O

The Tallinn Design map points you to the best of Estonian design.

Tallinn Old Town

Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design

Estonian Design House

Telliskivi Creative City

Seaplane Harbour

Tallinn Architecture Biennale

Katariina Guild

KUMU Art Museum of Estonia

Contemporary Art Museum Estonia

Self-guided design tours